Self-Perform Trades

"A Cut Above the Rest"

Quality work starts with skilled and qualified workers who have a keen eye for details. We are hard-working professionals, equipped with high-quality, durable tools and materials, and we pride in our high levels of personal craftsmanship. Whatever your needs, we'll say the same thing: "Let's get it done!" And when projects exceed our available manpower, we are more than ready for Project Management.

Project Management

Leaders in the Field

For larger projects, we assemble and manage teams of specialists to provide the highest quality service. We take care of all the higher-order work; this includes dealing with city regulators, scheduling, planning, and estimating, and keeping everybody on the same track so that everything runs smoothly. Although project management is exciting, for simpler needs we are capable in Repairs & Maintenance.

Repairs & Maintenance

The Finishing Touch

We also offer repairs and routine maintenance for homes or companies. Not only can we fix just about anything, but if you aren't sure what's broken, we at Green River Construction are experts in troubleshooting the cause of problems in record time--our trusted inspectors are known for their honesty and thoroughness. This brings us to the

Construction Management phase!

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